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Highly effective teams use Rokao to streamline document workflow
Virtual Data Room (VDR) Share multiple files, folders with with anyone with a single smart link. Read more icon
Easy secure sharing Share any file format such as PDF, MS Office, video, or images no matter the size. Read more icon
Real-time tracking & analytic Know exactly who is viewing your documents, with page-by-page insights Read more icon
On-brand sharing Present your logo, colour themes whenever you share content. Read more icon
Customizable compliance Tailor the document workflow to your needs. Read more icon
Dynamic-watermarking Add custom watermarks, text or image to your sensitive documents effortlessly. Read more icon

Less work, more flow



Modern data rooms for remote collaboration

Create a unified, shared library of up-to-date sales and marketing content for your entire team.

Move from email attachments to smart links with real-time tracking and customised settings.



Share files and folders with smart links

Share documents with a secure link, protect information with email verification or password.

Block downloading, set expiry date or gate content upfront with NDAs – revoke access at any time.

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Real-time tracking and analytics

Know when recipients open, view your documents, print, download or forward them to others.

Track audience behavior and gain insights into page-by-page performance of your documents.



Fully customised and whitelabel

Whitelabel solution to present your brand identity,

domain and email when you share files with recipients.



Streamline Compliance

Apply compliance rules & policies to streamline content distribution. Gate documents upfront to get client consent, handle GDPR and show disclaimers.



Dynamic watermarking

Add custom watermarks, image or text to your sensitive documents effortlessly.

View only mode helps you prevent unauthorsed reshare or downloads.



Identify highly engaged leads faster

Prioritise your lead nurturing with real-time intelligence and insights.

Understand what’s working and what’s not to create better content.

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It allows you to share documents with recipients, analyze their behavior and get insights about the performance of your document.

Rokao’s document tracking tool shows if a recipient opened and viewed a document, how much time they spend on each page, downloads, and forwards. These actionable insights help you to evaluate how each document helps you to drive your business forward.

The main features are secure document sharing, blocking downloads, data rooms, watermarks, and document versioning.

Rokao is designed specifically for asset management industry. Investment banks, investment managers, financial advisors and wealth management companies use Rokao to streamline content distribution.

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