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Share and collaborate on documents with actionable insights and real-time control from anywhere, any device.


Centralize and manage your content with ease

Create a unified, shared library of up-to-date sales and marketing content for your entire team.



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Move from email attachments to smart links with real-time tracking and customized settings.



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    Automate NDA process

    Avoid back-and-forth exchange of documents during NDA process. Speed up your next deal and delight stakeholders with e-NDA.

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    Simplify compliance

    Distribute marketing content at scale with compliance enabled documents.

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    Protect with watermarks

    Apply dynamic watermarks to your documents automatically, no more manual work.

Promote your brand with customized viewing

Tell your brand’s story to your audience whenever they hear from you.

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Lead generation

Turn your content into lead magnets

Gate content upfront to collect lead information and drop prospects into the right campaign.


Sharing control and permissions

Stay in control of your sensitive information with expiry dates and passwords for shared links.


Less work, more flow

Discover how Rokao can help your business grow.

Fund management

All-in-one tool for fund marketing, capital raising and investor reporting.

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Investment banking

Accelerate your next deal with smart data rooms that your visitors love.

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Capital raising

Raise more capital faster with streamlined marketing and engagement insights.

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Investor portal

Give you investors a client portal that they love and they come back for it.

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